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The Order was founded during the 300th Military Police
Brigades deployment to Iraq in OIF 07-09 as a demonstration
of comradery, and a symbolic reminder of the military
tradition of pride in our specific branches.

Although we are all Soldiers first, we take professional
pride in our subject matter fields of expertise and do not
lightly dismiss the sense of confidence felt by those who
see the insignia when looking to us for assistance.

When the Army changed to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) they made some changes in insignia and where they were displayed on the uniform. On the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) officers wore their rank on the right collar and branch on the left collar. When you were in a discussion with an Infantry Officer you knew you were talking to an Infantry Officer and you could adapt your speech to their mind set of thinking. On the ACUs the rank moved to the center of the chest and the branch disappeared.

There is no way to distinguish an Infantry Officer  from a Dentist or a Lawyer or a Logistics Officer. So the need of displaying branch pride was created, even if it had to be hidden because the patches are not authorized under AR 670-1. 

The Velcro area under the left collar was designed to turn the collar in to a mandarin collar so Soldiers would not chafe when wearing body armor. That Velcro patch remains unused 98% of the time and is the perfect place for showing branch pride.

You can even share your Branch Pride  when not in Uniform. We  are now selling Order of the Undercollar Polo Shirts. Call 651-444-8702 for details!!